Yq Galvanized Slope Protection Fence Chain Link Fence

Yq Galvanized Slope Protection Fence Chain Link Fence

YQ Galvanized Slope Defense Fence Chain Link Fence


Chain link fence for slope is also identified as slope security internet. The slope safety technique is protected with numerous types of versatile nets, mostly metal wire rope nets, and is wrapped on the essential security slope or rock to limit the weathering and peeling of rock and soil on the slope. Injury and collapse of dangerous rocks (reinforcing effect), or handle the falling rocks inside a specific variety (enclosing effect).


The former two are fastened by wire rope anchors and / or help ropes, the latter by steel bars (prestressing can be utilized) and / or wire rope anchors (utilised when supporting ropes with edges), unique anchor pads and edge support if necessary Rope and other fixing strategies.

Product Attributes

It has large flexibility, higher security energy and easy spreadability. Adapt to any slope terrain, the set up process is standardized and systematic.

The method adopts die-cutting set up method with quick building period of time and lower development cost.

The specific producing method of the system components and substantial anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology decide the ultra-high life of the method. The system can reduce the influence of the engineering group on the surroundings, and its safety spot can completely safeguard the steadiness of soil and rock, aid synthetic greening, and assist environmental safety.

The basic principle of motion is equivalent to surface slope defense methods this sort of as spray anchors and soil-nailed partitions, but thanks to its versatile attributes, it can make the program target local hundreds to all sides. Materials: metal wire mesh, regular steel wire grid (generally known as wire grid) and TECCO. The substantial-toughness metal wire grid is evenly transmitted to completely exert the protection capacity of the entire method, that is, local load and all round result, so that the method can stand up to bigger masses and decrease the anchoring force needs of a solitary anchor rod.



Chain Link Fence

PVC Coated Chain Website link Fence

PVC chain url fence is woven properly with PVC metal wire.

Components: PVC wire, stainless metal wire, lower carbon metal wire, galvanized wire, iron wire and so on.

Colors: environmentally friendly, white, black, brown. The colors can be chosen in accordance to customers’ request.

End treatment method: spray,  plastic coated and dip.

Stainless Metal Chain Url Fence
Stainless steel chain url fence is the most durable chain link fence in contrast with galvanized chain link fence and plastic coated chain website link fence.
Resources: 201, 302, 304, 304L, 316 stainless metal wire, minimal carbon metal wire.
Attributes: acid resistance, alkali resistance, higher temperature resistance and climate resistance.

Wire diameter: 1.two-5mm.
Mesh opening: twenty five, forty, 55, 60, 65, 76 and a hundred. Unique technical specs can be CZPT.

Galvanized Chain Hyperlink Fence

Materials: large high quality galvanized wire, gentle metal wire, aluminum alloy wire, iron wire.

Remedy: Electro galvanized, scorching-dipped galvanized.

Rewards: Galvanized chain website link fence is with extended- time use and effortless to install. All galvanized chain hyperlink fence equipment are sizzling-dipped galvanized and they are CZPT maintenance for prolonged time.



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Yq Galvanized Slope Protection Fence Chain Link Fence