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China Standard TDO Type Double-row Inch Size Tapered Roller Bearings near me supplier

TDO Type Double-row Inch Size Tapered Roller Bearings

TDO Type double row inch size tapered roller bearings are a common type of tapered roller bearings. It has a one-piece (double) outer ring and 2 single inner rings. TDO Type double row inch tapered roller bearings are usually supplied with an inner-ring spacer as a pre-set assembly. This configuration gives a wide practical bearing spread and is frequently chosen for applications where overturning moments are a significant load component. TDO bearings can be used in fixed (locating) positions or allowed to float in the housing bore, for example, to compensate for shaft expansion. TDO CD outer rings also are available in most sizes. These outer rings have holes in the O.D. that permit the use of pins to prevent external ring rotation in the housing.

Product parameter

Boundary dimensions
Bearing NO.
11.987 30.480 25.400 21.260 0.09 A2047/A2120D
14.989 34.988 25.174 20.638 0.11 A4059/A4138D
16.993 47.000 31.750 25.212 0.29 05066/05185D
19.050 47.000 31.750 25.212 0.27 05075/05185D
19.050 57.150 49.212 36.512 0.65 21075/21226D
19.987 47.000 31.750 25.212 0.27 05079/05185D
20.000 50.005 33.340 25.400 0.31 07079/07196D
24.384 80.962 55.562 39.688 1.43 43096/43319D
24.981 50.005 25.400 33.340 0.27 07098/07196D
24.981 62.000 39.688 36.258 0.60 17098/17245D
25.000 50.005 33.340 25.400 0.27 07097/07196D
25.000 62.000 39.688 36.258 0.60 17098X/17245D
25.400 50.005 33.340 25.400 0.27 07100-S/07196D
25.400 50.005 33.340 25.400 0.27 07100-SA/07196D
25.400 63.500 46.038 36.512 0.73 15101/15251D
25.400 63.500 46.038 36.512 0.73 15100-S/15251D
25.400 71.438 42.862 36.512 0.89 26100/26282D
28.575 63.500 46.038 36.512 0.66 15112/15251D
28.575 76.200 47.625 38.100 1.13 02872/02823D
28.575 80.962 55.562 39.688 1.37 43112/43319D

Series of TDO Type double row tapered roller bearings

Popular types of TDO Type:

  • A2047/A2120D
  • A4059/A4138D
  • 05066/05185D

Features of TDO Type double row tapered roller bearings

  • High load-carrying capacity
    TDO Type Double row tapered roller bearings are suitable for heavy radial and axial loads. The axial load carrying capacity of tapered roller bearings increases with increasing contact angle α. The contact angle size, usually between 10° and 30°, is related to the calculation factor e (from the product tables): the larger the value of e, the larger the contact angle.
  • Axial loads in both directions
    TDO Type Double row tapered roller bearings locate the shaft in both directions with a specific axial clearance or preload.
  • High stiffness
    TDO Type Double row tapered roller bearings provide a stiff bearing arrangement.
  • Low friction
    The flange’s optimized roller end design and surface finish promote lubricant film formation, resulting in lower friction. This also reduces frictional heat and flange wear. In addition, the bearings can better maintain preload and run at reduced noise levels.
  • Long service life
    The crowned raceway profiles of basic design bearings and the logarithmic raceway profiles optimize the load distribution along the contact surfaces, reduce stress peaks at the roller ends, and reduce the sensitivity to misalignment and shaft deflection compared with conventional straight raceway profiles.
  • Enhanced operational reliability
    The optimized surface finish on the contact surfaces of the rollers and raceways supports the formation of a hydrodynamic lubricant film.
  • Consistency of roller profiles and sizes
    The rollers incorporated in our TDO Type double row tapered roller bearings are manufactured to such close dimensional and geometrical tolerances that they are practically identical. This provides optimal load distribution, reduces noise and vibration, and enables preload to be set more accurately.

Application of TDO Type double row tapered roller bearings

  • mining
  • petroleum
  • heavy machinery
  • wind power
  • engineering machinery
  • and other industries

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