Stainless Steel Chain Plate Metal Conveyor Belt

Stainless Steel Chain Plate Metal Conveyor Belt

Stainless Metal Chain Plate Steel CZPT Belt

Stainless metal (carbon steel)chain plate, punching chain plate, chip conveyor chain plate, cleaning chain plates, flat prime chain plate, engineering plastic chain plate and keel chain plate and many others.


one) Open up mesh development for fast drainage and free of charge air circulation.
two) Smooth, flat surface area.
three) Very easily cleaned.
four) Simple alternative of broken or worn sections.
5) Limitless splicing.
six) Affordable compared to option metallic conveyor belts.
7) Substantial energy.


It is extensively utilized in food, canned food, medicines, beverages, cosmetics, motorcycle assembly line, animal slaughtering manufacturing line, washing supplies, paper goods, condiments, dairy and tobacco computerized transmission, distribution, and soon after the packaging line conveyor.

Please notice under Parameters confirmed on the next picture when you request for a quotation:

1. Overall size and width.
2. Pitch.
3. Roller diameter and rod diameter
4. Opening dimension.
five. Materials and other requests.


Stainless Steel Chain Plate Metal Conveyor Belt