Industrial Plastic Board Slat Chain Conveyor Bottle Conveyor

Industrial Plastic Board Slat Chain Conveyor Bottle Conveyor

CZPT CZPT Board Slat Chain CZPT Bottle CZPT

1. Manufacturer or trading company :   Manufacturer
2.  Location :     Xihu (West Lake) Dis. district , ZheJiang
3.  Selling markets:   Euope, American, Australia, Asia, Africa
four.  CZPTized:     Available for CZPT designs
5.  Delivery time:   15 – 30days
six.  Warranty period:    1 year

Item Description:
Chain plate conveyor chain plate technical specs: straight chain plate width of 63.5, eighty two.5, 101.6, 114.three, 152.four, one hundred ninety.five, 254, 304.8 turn chain plate width of eighty two.5, 114.three, 152.four, a hundred ninety.5, 304.eight.
Principal Characteristics:
one. Chain plate conveyor to common chain plate for bearing floor, by motor reducer generate
two. We can throughout a plurality of rows of chain plate parallel, that the chain plate conveyor is extensive and the development of differential
three. Transport in the scenario CZPT extrusion variable for solitary delivery employing multi row chain plate velocity errand columns, so as to fulfill the necessity for beverage labeling, filling and cleansing gear of one shipping and delivery
four. Two chain plate conveyor head and tail created of overlapping kind of mixed chain make the bottles (cans) in dynamic state of above
five. The conveying line does not remain material can fulfill the vacant bottle and a reliable cylinder strain and non force conveying.

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Industrial Plastic Board Slat Chain Conveyor Bottle Conveyor