Galvanized Steel Coil Cut to Length Line Machine

Galvanized Steel Coil Cut to Length Line Machine

Galvanized Steel Coil Cut to Length Line Equipment

I.CZPT parameters and configuration recommendations
1. CZPT parameters

Relevant material: chilly rolled strip, galvanized sheet, stainless metal
Material quality: normal metal coil
The toughness of the material   бb≤345 N/mm2,бs≤490 N/mm2
Substance thickness: .three ~ 1.two mm
Content width: five hundred ~ 1500mm
Coil diameter: diameter 480–610mm
Coil diameter: ≤ф1500mm
Coil weight:         ≤10T

2. Solution parameters

Shearing accuracy:    ≤±0.5 mm/2000mm
Leveling accuracy    ≤±0.5mm/m2
Pile duration:          1000-5000mm
Diagonal :           ≤±0.5 mm/2000mm
Shear size:        1000-5000mm

3. other parameters

electricity offer: 380V/50Hz/3Ph
greatest feeding speed: 60 m/min
chopping frequency: 20-30 Zhang /min (with 2000mm extended sheet depend)
generation line covers an location of about 23m * width four.5m

II. Device composition
The unit configuration is largely composed

hydraulic feeding trolley
Cantilever uncoiling equipment
13 roll leveling equipment
Storage buffer pit (user’s personal)
Rectifying device
The roller servo feeding machine
The new electrical shears
Conveyer belt
Pneumatic feeding stacking gadget
Servo electric handle system  
CZPT technique
pneumatic method (gas supply user owned)

III. Machine composition details:
one. CZPT feeding trolley
Utilised to spot materials roll. The roll wear sleeve positioning in stand.

one.1 technical parameters:

CZPT capability:      10 tons
Movement velocity: 7 m/min
Cellular motor energy: one.5 KW
Doing work pressure: lifting cylinder is 12Mpa

one.2 Components: the feeding trolley is composed of the walking chassis and the V type lifting body.

CZPT lifting system
Motor push technique with a speed reducer
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail
V type support system

one.3 properties: the material trolley for feeding. It sat on the two steel rails, by the motor through a speed reducer and a chain transmission, driving wheel shaft carrying a roll of substance to the axial route of motion of cantilever unwinding feeding, entered into the main situation of the shaft, the trolley for supporting the table best is composed of a cylinder driving the content roll center of the interior hole of the line rose to unwinding motion axis place, trolley down and from main shaft of at exit to the next charging situation.

two. The cantilever expansion uncoiler: coiling pressure in uncoiler reel.
two.1 CZPT parameter:

CZPT ability: 10 tons ten tons
The core shaft up shrinking: 50 mm (Φ480~Φ610mm)
Principal motor electrical power: two.two kw
Cylinder doing work strain: about 12MPa.

2.2 Material stand machine is made up of a core shaft, a base and a transmission technique

the core shaft and its construction
motor travel method
clutch system
auxiliary help

two.three Functionality: the core shaft is composed of a supporting shaft, a wedge sliding seat and 4 arched plates which are linked with the rotating cylinder. The travel shaft rotates in reverse course, which is composed of a motor, a speed reducer, a sleeve and a rigid clutch.
In get to increase the rigidity of the core shaft, the uncoiler is outfitted with auxiliary support the auxiliary help is pushed by hydraulic cylinder.
The core shaft plate can be mounted to fulfill various requirements of coil diameter dimensions

3 Roller leveling machine:
three.1 technical parameters:

The quantity of flat rollers: thirteen (which includes a pair of rollers)
Leveling roller diameter: eighty five mm
Leveling roll width: 1500 mm
Leveling roller material: 45#
Leveling roller hardness: more than HRC50 – 55 (grinding chrome plated) 
Primary motor power: 7.5kw

three.2 Component:

AC motor,reducer

three.3 Performance: This device is composed of 1 sets of roller and 11 roller, motor velocity reducer and bracket foundation. Roller prime roller 6, reduce roller 7. Leveling device and set in a rigid slider, slider, respectively, by two pairs of screw pair push the lifting and tilting, to modify the leveling hole and leveling angle, particularly: function roll forming harmonic attenuation of straightening and improve the leveling high quality sheet. Leveling equipment work roll for initiative, the transmission order: motor driven equipment reducer, will be transferring power to a leveling roller.
Leveling roller is the key component of the device, which is controlled by stringent process.

four. Storage buffer pit (user’s own) 

five. Correction gadget: mounted sheet, avoid deviation.
Center range: five hundred ~ 1500mm
Performance: used for feeding on the materials to ensure the precision of the diagonal shear. Handbook changing screw, the baffle and the course of the plate width, in buy to adapt to the various width correction sheet

six. The roller servo feeding machine: 
the composition of the roller, the roller diameter 115mm, manual screw adjustment. On the surface of the roller to offer with glue, boost the friction drive, the gravitational drive.

factors: body, function roll, servo motor.
function: for boards into the flat shears, and precise manage of slicing size. Work roll handbook screw adjustment manage, roller surface area hanging rubber processing, improved friction.
motor: servo 5.5KW

seven. Shears: Q11-3*1600 electrical shears. Utilized for precise reducing of plate right after leveling.

8. CZPT belt:
eight.1.CZPT parameter:

Motor electrical power two.2kw
The conveying speed is considerably less than 60 m/min
CZPT belt duration 3000 mm

8.two Element:

flat belt, rack
motor push method

8.three properties: shear plate shearing machine underneath the 1st fall in the unbiased transmission belt, flat belt and the plate conveyor to stamp materials.

nine. Pneumatic content stacking device: 

Consists of cylinder, rack, blanking regulating mechanism, a longitudinal and transverse double positioning system, composition, palletizing duration a thousand-3000mm. its part is slicing the sheet stacking, by a cycloid pin wheel reducer push, can move CZPT and backward, and can according to user demands, the sheet stacking computerized jointly.
Blanking platform with lifting unit, hassle-free stacking. CZPT motion, size 3000mm.

10. Servo electrical technique:
By the energy distribution cupboard and the functioning desk:
Functionality: electricity specifications: 380V + 10%, 50Hz + 5%, a few period AC.
The device of electrical method (in conditions of the structure of the composition of the external) is primarily composed of a control station, junction box and the detecting component and govt aspects. The servo manage technique, automatic speed, gradual speed, brake, shearing methods, convenient procedure (terminal to the perimeter from the need side, the moi), and contact display centralized handle procedure.
The principal electrical components assortment of CHINT, servo motor selection of domestic effectively-recognized manufacturers.
Relationship between equipment and electricity line is accountable for the consumer.

11. CZPT program:

The technique adopts built-in pump, valve block put in in the tank and dispersed bed.
The major hydraulic valve products howard.
Rated operating force of hydraulic technique 16MPa.
CZPT oil user owned.

twelve. Pneumatic and lubrication system:

Pneumatic method force .6 MPa
Gas method wants 800 liters / min
ZheJiang Yadeke pneumatic components assortment of products, mostly for the use of stack feeding device.
The equipment box or the speed reducer is lubricated by oil tank. 
Gasoline resource consumer owned

thirteen. Other guidelines: Production line gear spray paint dry paint. If end users have unique specifications for the products to provide the coloration tone, or writing.
13.two Foundation development, installation and debugging of embedded areas and the use of drinking water, oil, gasoline and electrical energy by the consumer dependable
thirteen.three the gas supply of the total set of equipment is geared up with the person.
13.four installation and commissioning is completed, the two sides want to deal with the handover techniques, not for the acceptance of the handover processes and set into use, that is, the two sides agreed to take experienced. 
thirteen.5 other matters of negotiation.

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Galvanized Steel Coil Cut to Length Line Machine