130HP Shantui Bulldozer Model SD13s on Sale

130HP Shantui Bulldozer Model SD13s on Sale

130HP CZPTi Bulldozer Design SD13s on Sale

SD13S receives mid-selection quantity positions carried out in swampy terrain in file time. A smaller model of our very best-selling SD16 line, the SD13 provides all the sturdiness and reliability of its greater cousin sequence. With a large-energy, highefficiency,turbocharged engine showcasing a huge-torque reserve coefficient, the 130 hp SD13S is ready for operate.

Its extended observe assures lower ground stress, high trustworthiness and strong traction whilst the relaxed vast visibility hexahedron taxi and integrated dashboard style help hold operator productivity at peak levels.


Efficiency Parameters

Item SD13S
Overall performance PARAMETERS Operatiing   Bodyweight (kg) 14900
Rated horsepower (kw/hp) one hundred and five/a hundred thirty
Minimal turning radius (mm) 3880
Floor strain (kpa) 38.four
Motor Model SC8D143G2B1
Emission China   II
Variety In-line,immediate   injection,drinking water cooled,4-cycles,turbocharged
No.of cylinders×Bore×stroke (mm×mm) 6×114×135
Piston displacement (L) eight.27
Horsepower/rpm (kw/rpm) 105/1900
Maximum torque (N.m/r/min) 674/1300 
Proportions Duration(mm) 4492
Width(mm) 3510
Height(mm) 3000
Traveling Functionality Forward/Reverse(km/h) F1:-three.two   F2:-5.9 F3:-nine.eight R1:-3.9  R2:-7.1   R3:-eleven.9
Gradeability(deg) 30
Clearance(mm) 320
TRANSMISSION Torque   convertor  3-factor, solitary stage, one-stage
Gear box Planetary   equipment and powershift transmission, hydraulically actuated, pressured lubrication
Major travel Spiral   bevel equipment, single-stage velocity reduction, splash lubrication
Steering clutch Wet   numerous disc,coned disc spring loaded, hydraulically actuated, hand   operated,interconnected with steering brake
Brake  Wet, contracting band,foot operated with   hydraulic booster
Last driver  spur gear,double reduction ,splash   lubrication
UNDERCARRIAGE Suspension Swing   variety of sprayed beam,suspended framework of equalizer bar
Keep track of gauge (mm) 1880
Shoe width (mm) 460
Keep track of size on ground (mm) 2365
Number of shoes (each aspect) 38
Pitch (mm) one hundred ninety
Carrier rollers (every single aspect) 2
Monitor rollers (each and every side) six
Doing work HYDRAULIC Method Force(Mpa) fourteen
Operating pump Equipment   pump
Valve Multi-way   valve
Bore of blade lift cylinder (mm) φ90
Bore of blade tilt cylinder (mm) φ160
TANK Capability Gas   tank capability (L) three hundred
Functioning hydraulic tank potential (L) 70
Functioning Tools Blade   width (mm) 3510
Blade height (mm) 970
Blade ability (m³) three.three

Our merchandise line is very stringent supervision, neat and uniform assembly line, outsiders are not authorized to enter.

CZPTy working day in stringent accordance with the amount of mass creation, 
from the components to the assembly of machines, we are effective and high high quality to comprehensive the process.

Our equipment are produced and quickly inspected for export.The equipment of that calendar year is not remaining to the following calendar year,  so all we export are the new machinery of that period.

130HP Shantui Bulldozer Model SD13s on Sale